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We provide elegant software solutions and technological expertise to companies worldwide so that they may focus on the core of their business.

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We have made it our purpose to simplify the lives of our clients by providing elegant software solutions that are a delight to use. We do this because we understand the purpose of technology is to simplify the life of people by giving them back their valuable time so that they can spend it on the things they care about.


Because of this, we have made it our mission to provide efficient, robust and high-quality software to all companies worldwide at a competitive price. By finding the right people for the job, we can ensure only the best, tried and tested solutions goes into your software. Backed by only the best practices and senior-level developers, we make sure to maximise the efficiency of your investment and keep your spending on the right track. 

We do this because our vision is to bring accessible innovation and technological expertise to companies worldwide. We understand there’s a high demand out there for qualified engineers. By helping you find them in the right places, we have made it our goal to keep your costs manageable and your projects on the cutting edge of technology. 

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At Lion Tech, we provide high-quality, custom made software for all our clients. In order to achieve this, we hire the best programmers in the word and train them up to ensure only the best quality is provided through our services. 


With over 10 years of experience and deep expertise in technology solutions we can help you take care of all your IT requirements so that you can have the liberty to focus on what’s important for your business. 


One of our core goals is to become a long term partner of our clients. We understand that trying to figure out the right technology for your company can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we are here to help. 


With this level of expertise, we can help you plan ahead against uncertainty and ensure rapid iteration of features so that your software can launch and make a positive impact for your company as soon as possible.

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Have a look at some of the projects we've worked on
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Step 1 - Understand the needs of our clients
We listen to our clients to understand the full scale of their requirements, prioritise them and help them discover those extra wining features that they haven’t thought of yet.
Step 2 - Delivery Planning
We make a plan and separate the project into stages of delivery, ensuring we can bring an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to market as soon as possible.
Step 3 - Design Phase
For each stage in our process, we make sure everything is covered by a watertight design phase, ensuring no features are left missing and that we’ve covered the full breath of the requirements. We allow for peer reviews throughout this phase to ensure our clients know that we are working together with them.
Step 4 - Architectural Planning & Development
Once designs are finalised, we discuss the right architectural approach to ensure the development stage goes forward without any unexpected bumps in the road.
Step 5 - Quality Assurance
All our development work is QA tested to the highest standards to ensure only the best solutions are delivered to our clients.
Step 6 - Delivery & Retrospective
Once we’re happy with the quality and standard of our solution, the client will receive an update that they can review, giving us a chance to discuss with them what’s been achieved and how we want to move from there. 
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Refinement Through Iteration
We repeat the process as many times as necessary to ensure we deliver the right solution for our client, ensuring the quality of our work at every stage and making sure the solution never gets out of control.
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Backend infrastructure, architecture, server development and deployments

The core of any software solution relies on a stable and solid backend that can deliver efficient and robust cloud support, ensuring high standards of responsiveness and security so that the data of your company and your clients are protected at all times.

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Frontend website design, development and deployment

A powerful backend is empowered by a well designed frontend that provides a delightful user experience. We understand good design uplifts the image of your company and ensures your clients will always be smiling when they go back to use your services. We will customise the website to satisfy our client’s needs, having had extensive experience in: 

  • Personal websites

  • Coporate websites

  • E-Commerce

  • Intergrated platforms

  • Admin portals

  • Dashboards

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Mobile app design, development and deployment

We know mobile products are market disruptors in this day and age, where  having a good mobile product can make your brand stand out from the noise of the world wide web. 

We can help ensure your clients keep coming back to use your apps, having had extensive experience in development complex applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Custom-made software

Should a client require other services not specified here, resources can be gathered and deployed as needed. 

We are highly adaptable to our client’s needs and will make sure to work with you flexibly so that we can achieve your requirements with the best of outcomes. 

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We work with the best through a tried and tested approach

At Lion Tech believe in long term relationships and have a keen focus on developing and using only the best tools so that we can strengthen mutual growth. 


We have a win-win mentality, and focus on aligning our client interests with ours in order to generate instances where the project success is our success.  

We work using the gold industry standard for our process, by focusing 1-month milestone iterations and Kanban frameworks in order to ensure AGILE software practices throughout our design and development lifecycles. 


From the beginning, we work aligned with our clients at each stage of the project and carry this approach from designing to implementation in order to obtain the best result suitable for your needs and requirements. 

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Victor Bravo photo
Victor Bravo
director Chile
CEO and co-founder of Blue Light Energy, where he’s created a portfolio of projects generating over +200MW of energy and an electricity supply network with +60 clients throughout Chile, positioning the company as a relevant player in the national market.
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Danny Bravo photo
danny Bravo
director UK
CEO of EPIC APPS and owner of some great apps on the App Store, Danny has over +11 years of experience developing technological solutions from top to bottom, having worked with all manner of distributed teams to deliver over +50 mobile and web apps for all manner of clients, including top tier rankings on the App Store.

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