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epic apps website

Epic Apps is an app development studio focusing on creating iOS apps that are compelling, charming and driven stories. 


The website is focused on displaying their exceptional products as well as providing clients with contact options for support. 


Each product is displayed using a similar template that focuses on screenshots and positive reviews, but tailored to emphasise their own distinct personalities.


Blue light energy website

Blue Light Energy is a Chilean energy company focused on providing renewable energy to the grid and clients, by combining both Solar Energy Generation, and Power Purchase Agreements.


With more than 200MW in solar energy being developed in strategic locations through Chile, they can reduce energy generation risks, diversify and increase the potential of project portfolios for their multiple clients.

With over 60 clients, they provide renewable energy at the competitive local prices, allowing their clients to reach their maximum potential efficiency. The transmission of these ideas was central to the website design as it was geared to maximise interest of new clients.

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5 orange stars

“What I like best about the app that while it has the necessary info that a dive logbook has it also tells a story.”

5 orange stars

“This app is so handy and by far and away the best way I’ve found to log and detail my dives.”

5 orange stars

“I no longer need to carry my log book around now thanks to Breathe. So happy that I can just record everything here and restore things if I need to, a great example of modern tech surpassing an out of date system. Thanks to the developers or team that made this!”


Breathe - a smarter scuba dive log

Breathe is an innovative digital scuba dive log app available on Apple’s Platform. It has achieved a top tier rank by ranking #1 in its niche in the English speaking world. 


With over 4.5+ star rating, it has received ample positive reviews from users due to its ease of use and stylish interfaces.

Breathe 1@3x.png
Waytte 1@3x.png
Waytte 2@3x.png

Waytte is an app that allows you to track the time remaining for important events in your life while sharing the expectation with the people you care about. 


The design is deceivingly simple but the underneath the app counts with a large complex network of moving parts. With over 4.5+ star rating, we like to think that the reviews speak for themselves.

waytte - Countdown timers for important events in your life

Five stars dark blue

“It’s a lot better than most apps in terms of design and smoothness.”

Five stars dark blue

“As a Project Manager this app has really helped me get my deadlines straight, since they are sorted by the amount of time left for each I’ve been able to prioritise my flawlessly. Couldn’t be happier!”

Five stars dark blue

“Works well and looks nice. I have used a few time keeping apps and this is by far the best.”

Waytte timer screen iPad
Shrewd 1@3x.png
Shrewd 2@3x.png

Shrewd! - A hilariously funny Shakespearean insult generator

An app doesn’t have to be large or complex to get a good reception. Shrewd! is a very simple app that uses a best in class algorithm to generate creative Shakespearean style insults and share them with your friends. 


This app is a good example that good ideas elegantly executed can have great outcomes, as evidenced by its 4.5+ star rating.

5 orange stars

“Great fun.”

5 orange stars

“With the share feature I’ve just found a brand new and amusing way to insult my friends without making them feel bad and making them laugh instead. This is oh so awesome!”

Shrewd bookmark view iPad
SB 2@3x.png
SB 1@3x.png

SessionBand Apps - The world’s only chord-based loop apps

With SessionBand, you can create studio-quality multitrack music to your own chords in minutes with the award-winning SessionBand apps. From stunning Soul, Jazz & Funk to bass-busting EDM and Deep House, there are 18 SessionBand apps to create your own royalty-free music with. 


Thousands of chord-based loops performed by the world’s finest artists. SessionBand has achieved world-wide acclaim and fantastic reviews due to its great premise and innovative use of core audio mobile technology.

Five stars dark blue

“I love this app, for sure one of the best I've bought. 150 Jazz Standards ready to play, fantastic sounds, Drums loop preview, saxophone or bass incredible solos.”

Five stars dark blue

“All of the UK music Session band apps are really good. Very easy to use and modify for your needs.”

Five stars dark blue

“Amazing app, fantastic to use. So professional and impressive range of styles. Would definitely recommend!”

Session Band on iPad Pro
Dark blue box with pink triangle

The Jazz300 music app was built from the ground up using Apple’s latest UI framework: SwiftUI, designed and developed by our talented team at Lion Tech.

With over 300 professional, royalty-free backing tracks, including 200 jazz standards, performed by 21 of the world’s finest musicians, Jazz300 is the ultimate play along for musicians of all levels.

jazz 300 music app

Five stars dark blue

"A wonderfully executed app for practising musicians like us. Very intuitive and masses of musical content with useful features. Content is mainly jazz standards with a good spread of soul/funk/blues. Lots of fun to get into."

Five stars dark blue

“An amazing app, which I found very easy to use. Huge array of backing tracks covering a wide range of styles. I would highly recommend it to other musicians.”

Five stars dark blue

“Excellent Backing Tracks. Instruments are better than Real Band. Stem export to Cubasis 3 works smoothly. Wide variety of genres.”

Software de Reclutamiento  y Selección- ATS _ AI _ Test  (1).png
Dark blue box with pink triangle

Polux: Recruitment and selection software

At Polux, having the experience of our clients and users as the main focus of the business, having the flexibility to speed up modifications and developments in our system has been a fundamental part of achieving an excellent level of service.


 With the help of Lion Tech, we have been able to exceed the expectations of our customers and our sales team. We highlight the speed of its management and the high quality of the final work, achieved thanks to a robust team with extensive experience in the field of technology development.

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